Welcome to The Purple Trendasaurus :)

What is it? 

My confessions and views about everything that happens in our big blue world.

Who am I?

I am Batman,

No, but seriously I am a hopeful design student who loves to talk a lot and research about everything that pops up in my twisted little mind, your next door nerd if u may.

What is a Purple Trendasaurus?

Trendasaurus is a result of wordplay, Trendasaurus means two things – A trend Collection/Dictionary/Thesaurus and a Trend Hunting Dinosaur. Since that domain was taken cue – Purple my favourite colour and the most gorgeous hue on the planet

What will you see in my Trendasaurus?

Anything of significance in the fashion, design, food and meme world, if it matters, it will appear here. From my point of view of course. Also if you’d like to read about something leave me a comment 🙂

Why should you be reading this?

You’ve reached so far, so… why not go on scrolling?

Let your Creativity Rawr

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One thought on “Welcome to The Purple Trendasaurus :)”

  1. Damn , that’s one hell of a rant! I personally love the fact that you’re putting forward your ideas so well ! I love your blog , keep on going lil soldier ❤️

    Liked by 1 person

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