The fault in the ‘Tag a …..’ meme 

Hello Fashion Dinosaurs, the thing u were looking at just before u stumbled upon my rant i.e, Memes, have bought me here this time. Tag a friend Memes to be specific. 

These were my favourite kind, i’d see the #RelationshipGoals or #FriendshipGoal memes and tag like half my friend list because i wanted to share my love, and i dont got much friends so need to keep the ones i actually have ( probably the ones reading this ) happy too. 

All of us love tagging our bestfriends into retarded ones of weird looking animals and saying, this is you, or tagging a guy bestfriend in a post meant for a girl(Prash im sorry im not sorry) just because u know its hilarious and they know it is too.

But then i stumbled upon these :

Tag a Friend memes with a “big” “dark” twist ( pun intended)


Incase you’ve been living under a rock, this is the new meme trend where pictures of fat and supposedly ugly people are used as a backdrop for the tag a friend meme. 

Translated from Hindi means : I am a Queen, I want a King.

I know this isnt someone eating beef or a statement from the Snap(deal)chat CEO, but THIS IS SOMETHING YOU SHOULD BE OFFENDED ABOUT ! Wake up people its 2017. 

This is revolting and ill tell you why, 

1. It promotes Racism

NO, its not Ok to make fun of someone for something they cannot change about themselves. Especially something that makes them unique. 

Wait.. does that mean that all the 5000 fairness cream brands are lying to us 

* dramatic music * 

Sorry to break it to you my friend but – DUH!!!!!!

Im Dusky and proud. But journey to this level of security was a long bumpy road especially in a world obsessed with a plaster white complexion. And hailing from a country that prides in University in Diversity we should be ashamed of ourselves for letting this go so far. 

2. Promotes Body Shaming

Every post in this series focuses on fat and curvy women. So basically if i am not starving to death or look like a bag of bones im not beautiful? * My Life is a Lie 😢😱😱 * * da da daaaa * 

Im sorry, but Pandas and Polar Bears are gigantic, basically 500 pounds of adorable! Just stop for a second and imagine if they weren’t the way they were… Exactly my point ! The only difference between us and them are they are the better beings because they dont discriminate. 

Ever look in the mirror and hate yourself because u cant get rid of the muffin top? (Fret not, I use mine as a plate holder) Cellulite not getting covered by your shorts? ( You my friend are a tiger/tigress who just earned his/her stripes, flaunt it !) Everyone deals with body image issues and hates themselves, its a struggle for these women in particular,and seeing themselves in such memes will just make it worse. What makes u think its okay to be mean to her based on her waist size? Fat, Thin or Fit we’re all beautiful.

3. Promotes STUPIDITY 

Dear Rahul/Arjun/Karan and whichever douche is mentioned here on these memes, The meme has Gabourey Sidibe! My bad, you probably dont even know her, ill tell u since your IQ doesnt go that high, She is an Oscar winner, a successful hollywood actress, you on the other hand watch the Oscars on Live Stream or mooch it off the internet. What makes you think that she would even look at you a second time let alone beg u to be her boyfriend? Think about it. 

Sincerly, A Human Being.

Its easy to make fun of someone for the way they look, but it wont be fun when the tables turn. We all have our insecurities, i look at food and sometimes second guess coz i have people constantly telling me, you look fat, you look thin, all in the same week. Whatever you look like people will notice, people will comment. So just say To hell with it and EAT THAT Oreo Mousse Cake ! 

A Pen is mightier than a sword they say, But I think a meme does more damage. Yes im proud of who i am, how i look but if i saw me in these memes i’d be shattered and if u were in their place you would too. 2 mins of laughter might cause a lifetime of pain for someone.

If u see these memes kindly report them, it might just save a life.

These memes are a plague that needs to die before it kills the tiny bit of humanity left in us. We hail from a world of many cultures, races and such wonderful places. Take off that blindfold of judgement and see people for what they are – A Beautiful Soul. Judge them by their hearts not Skin or Waist Size or Social Status. 

Spread Cheese not Hate.

And thats my rant for today.


6 thoughts on “The fault in the ‘Tag a …..’ meme ”

  1. We have barely communicated. But a truck full of I love yous for what you’ve written here. You really have made me feel good and happy and boosted my confidence. I have also been at the receiving end of insults because of my weight. But you have really written it so beautifully. And I loved it. 😘

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I totally get what u mean about the insults, for me im either too fat or too thin there is no end to it, unless we put a stop by not reacting. And i personally think you are adorable ❤ dont care about what anyone says ❤


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