Closet Queen by Jaisel Jain and Kritika 

“Give a girl the right shoes and she can conquer the world” – Marylin Monroe. When this quote was made, everyone assumed it had to be feminine heels because it says ‘girl’ but anyone who has worn a pair of high heels knows the only world she will conquer is a world of pain, besides a girl can look way more bad-ass in a pair of combat boots.

Fashion has no gender. It empowers anyone who embraces it and makes them feel beautiful irrespective of any differences. However, it is we who have classified them into Men’s Wear and Women’s wear based on utility, which has now become set in stone and even a mere thought of any shift from these confines are seen as a taboo.

To dispel this very notion and prove that fashion can be truly universal Designers Jaisel Jain and Kritika have come up with their magical collection: Closet Queen.

The collection of reversible resort wear garments, is embellished with Parsi embroidery on fabric made of nettle yarn. The introduction of the nettle yarn adds an innovative element to the collection increasing its appeal.

Parsi embroidery, that is historically done on silk materials, has been incorporated into the environmentally friendly materials. The ethicality of this assortment is highlighted through the yarns that have been hand spun and weaved on the handloom.

The inspiration behind this collection can be credited to the fabulous community of ‘Drag Queens’ whose amalgamation of feminine flair and masculine boldness, whose costumes reflect their ever flamboyant ability to portray themselves wholly, add extra character to the various garments in the collection.




Designers of the collection: Jaisel Jain and Kritika 



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