Deceptive Tatters Nikita Badera & Tanuj Bajoria 

Disposal has always been a major issue when it comes to any industry, in fashion however the maximum amount of disposal is due to the remains of fabric after pattern cutting. Sometimes huge chunks of fabrics go to waste either due to improper cutting or improper sizing. To kerb, this very problem, designers Nikita Badera & Tanuj Bajoria have conceptualised their collection – Deceptive Tatters.

The discarded pieces of fabric from the industry have been used as applique and patchwork and strips of fabric have been hand woven with organic cotton to create a new fabric resulting in an innovative double weave pattern.

The resort wear collection hosts vibrant prints and colours used on flowy silhouettes to give it a minimalistic appeal crafted over comfortable fabrics. Surface detailing using glass beads and excess yarn proved a rustic chic feel to the entire collection.


Designers of the collection: Nikita Badera & Tanuj Bajoria



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