Nomadic Hyper-utilitarian by Anisha Bhat, Nandhini R, Pragya Bothra & Guhana Gunashekaran

Each Continent a story, Each country a page, Each City a memory, Every step a stage.

I think I speak for my entire generation when I say “If travelling was free, you’d never see me again.” The world we live in has so much explored beauty in so many forgotten corners, bucket-list worthy memories which no cubicle job can match up to. We have the world at our feet, so why not make the travel?

The current generation of millennials, impulsive, intuitive and extremely intelligent because they have understood the true joys of life. (Not talking about the Doggo Memes)

Travelling is an experience that no book can teach or a classroom can preach, and the lessons u learn are for life. This is the reason why the majority of youngsters rather buy a van to a road trip than an apartment on a quiet road.

The collection Nomadic Hyper-Utilitarian has been created specifically for the impulsive and adventurous millennial travellers. Their gypsy lifestyle often leads them to unconventional accommodation, thereby creating a need for minimal utilities and clothing to suit this lifestlye.


As a solution to this the designers Anisha Bhat, Nandhini R, Pragya Bothra & Guhana Gunashekaran of JD Institute of Fashion Technology, have created multi-utilitarian jackets made from recycled polyester. The jackets are equipped with versatile features like with detachable helmets, sleeping bags backrest, storage facilities for gadgets etc

The colouring books used in art therapy for drug addicts titled “Topography of Tears” comprising of photographs by Rose-Lynn Fisher has been the inspiration behind the embroidery seen on the garments.

This is perfect collection to help you quench your thirst for Wanderlust.


Designers of the collection: Anisha Bhat, Nandhini R, Pragya Bothra & Guhana Gunashekaran



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