Oorja by Aishwarya Jayan, Monalisa Deb & Zaiba Afreen

Energy can neither be created nor destroyed. But the sources of energy can, which is also the main reason why it should be conserved and not exploited. Mining for oil, and coal causes extreme pressure on the planet and these resources are used faster than they are retrieved. This may trigger exhaustion of mineral resources sooner than we can expect. 

Alternative sources of energy are available that reduce the carbon footprint we leave, one such example is Solar Energy, the only Brightside to global warming. Solar energy is inexhaustible and provides clean energy without causing harm to our planet. 

Oorja designed by  Aishwarya Jayan, Monalisa Deb & Zaiba Afreen , is a collection comprising of solar powered garments that can help charge electronic gadgets at any given time. Human greed and consumption has led to severe depletion of natural resources. 

For sustenance of these natural resources, switching to alternative eco-friendly resources is imperative. With a solution to providing source of electrical energy that people can use on the go, the designers created this collection. Taking inspiration from the process of photosynthesis, colours such as olive green, dark green, brown and beige have beenused in this tech-meets-fashion collection. 

The fabric used is eco-friendly denim with heavy GSM to suit the silhouettes that are predominantly loose-fitted jackets. Hand embroidery has been used on certain sections of the garment for the chic factor.


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