Oriental Bileisure by Aditi Sundar & Vidushi Mehta

Calligraphy, Cherry blossoms  Delicate Bamboo paintings the oriental west has always been an influential element in many collections by designers from across the world. The elegance and delicate appeal it provides is the perfect canvas for any artist to make a masterpiece.
When East meets West, the amalgamation is the perfect balance of soft and bold, strong and tender, much like this collection – Oriental Bileisure

The Business leisure collection derives its elements from the iconic Sherlock Holmes’ style amalgamated with the oriental influence of the hakama pant and pleated skirts of the east. The collection has been presented in a cool blue palette of prints and colors inspired by the city of Jodhpur.

The prints have been developed using temperature sensitive thermochrome dyes, on fabrics of modal, excel and soy handwoven by Kodiyala weavers.

The collection represents homogeneity & encourages through the fusion of diversity through a narrative of East meets West delivering a strong multicultural trend.


Designers of the collection – Oriental Bileisure: Aditi Sundar & Vidushi Mehta



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