Reincarnate by Amulya Thalanki & Rashmi Vedi

Life after death, reincarnated based on the sins or boons of your previous life. A concept all Indians and many cultures around the world are well versed with, be it in religious texts or over hyped Bollywood movies rebirth has always been significant. The notion that this is not the end is not only a beautiful thought but also an assurance we give ourselves about our loved ones, but sadly limited to living beings.

When it comes to the things we love, be it a bag, book or brooch, we see it as a onetime offer. Broken? Then toss it out and buy another one. This attitude has lead to the increase in the amount of wastes discarded, majority of which don’t decompose in landfills and cause harmful effects.

The concept of DIY is slowly emerging online, where a few people have started adapting it in the hope of a cleaner, greener world. Patagonia is one such brand that works towards repairing damaged goods instead of discarding.

‘Make something new out of old’ is the concept of the collection Reincartnate. The collection is made of up-cycled fabrics and garments that would otherwise end up in landfills polluting the environment.

 The concept of up-cycling is inspired by the Vintage Campers, which are basically made of existing or old damaged parts of motor vehicles. The collection makes use of different draping techniques and surface ornamentation to add more flavour to the contemporary silhouettes. The collection is presented by Amulya Thalanki & Rashmi Vedi of JD Institute of Fashion Technology


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