Retro Migration by Payal Karnani 

When you think of jute, you automatically picture something painful and itchy or think potato sacks, the same with linen, you picture boring bulky almost curtain-like material. What if I told you, there was a way that these can actually give u red carpet worthy looks and at an affordable price?

No, I’m not delusional, I’m actually telling you the truth.

Retro Migration, an affordable and wearable collection is the answer. Inherently linen is sustainable but is mostly expensive and tends to wrinkle easily. By blending linen with jute, the designer Payal Karnani has managed to create an affordable fabric in an interesting weave that still retains the properties of linen but does not crumble.

The collection has “a business casual” look for the woman who prefers smart dressing. The versatility of the collection gives you a million options to mix and match as you please. Predominantly comprising of a line silhouettes in colours like maroon, yellow and Bache, the ensembles give you the perfect Eco-chic look.

The collection makes use of panelling inspired by the Chrysler building, creating interesting patterns and textures that make for a fashionable, ethical and sustainable look which will surely create an impression at your next board meeting or a casual team outing.

Designer: Payal Karnani 




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