Urban Utility by Swati Gunjan

Don’t change to fit fashion, change the fashion to fit you. Words said by someone who understands exactly of fashion today works. In a world where we don’t have time to eat, let alone spend hours getting ready, classy couture is being replaced by the monotony of fast fashion.

An Urban woman today would rather buy 1 pair of jeans and mix and match with exisiting items in her closet rather than buy sets of clothing that are unique. Utility has become the forefront runner in this fashion race.

Designer Swati Gunjan of JD Institute of Fashion Technology, perfectly understands the market today and has created an ethical, sustainable and innovative alternative to the fiend that is Fast fashion – Urban Utility: a multi-functional and dynamic women’s wear collection for urban women

Keeping up with the dynamics of the world, the ambitious and brazen women of today believe in the power of smart dressing. The collection highlights the multipurpose nature of these garments that are created with naturally produced and dyed fabrics. Inspired by modern convertible furniture’s, the silhouettes are boxy and structural and emphasize on minimalism and progressive fashion.


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