Calsada – by Ravi Teja & Jeevana

Wood is something that has been used in a variety of applications, it’s the personification of sturdy, strong and solid, while still being versatile and mouldable.

Designers Ravi Teja & Jeevana have given woodchips a new life by incorporating it in the Portuguese way.

 Calsada is a Portuguese method of arranging black and white stones of basalt and limestone to resemble a pattern similar to that of mosaic. Inspired by the same, the collection also named Calsada makes use of up-cycled veneer strips cut into small chips used as embellishment on the garments.

 The wood chips have been cut into desired shapes and secured using silk thread embroidery on the garments. The collection comprises of playsuits, jackets and one piece dresses in earthy pastel colours of grey, blush pink, buttercup yellow and peach. Naturally dyed, bamboo and organic cotton blended fabric brings forth the look of the collection, designed for the working class women.


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