Rustic by Akther and Vandhana R

Rust –  a sign of deterioration, poor quality, damage, and all things flawed,the only thing that can defeat something as strong as Iron. But what we fail to realise that it also has a beauty of its own. Be it the beautiful red colour or the patterns it created on the iron surface
 Rust is truly magical if one has the eye for it. Designers Akther and Vandhana R surely did and have portrayed it in an artistic, fashionable way in their collection –Rustic – a Quirky and trendy collection that underlies the concept of viable clothing.

Inspired by Hagia Sophia architecture and unfolds the tales of an aesthetic, yet rustic collection. 
The silhouettes are artistic and haute and boast of sustainability and innovation. The fabric used in this collection is 100% organic cotton which has been dyed naturally with turmeric without chemicals. And the turmeric dyed fabric is kept for rust dyeing with the help of metal engraved unused material which was taken from the junkyard. The surface detailing is made by Zari embroidery on the rusted motifs 

The Collection


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