Tribalistic Athleisure by Ankita Tamang & Suchita Agrawal

“We only have this land for a short time, and then we must leave it intact.” –Masai Tribe 
The people of the Masai tribe are a peace loving clan who respect every element of their existence, be it food, culture or the land they live in. They believe in giving back to the planet how much they take and incorporate this belief in everything they do.

The Sub-Saharan African Warriors and the Masai Tribe is the inspiration for the collection Tribalistic Athleisure designed by Ankita Tamang & Suchita Agrawal

The collection consists of yoga pants, sportswear bustiers, sweatpants, shrugs, shorts and skirts. Made from sustainable knit fabrics, the vibrant and energetic collection makes use of an innovative yarn created using bi-constituent spinning of recycled poly-amide and glass fibres. 

The knit fabric therefore created is a seamless fabric that can be easily un-knit to generate raw material to make a new fabric. Also EVO fabric is used which is yet to be seen in the Athleisure segment.

The details used for the collection include a new technique called sublimation printing and traditional handwork embroidery to encourage work done by differently abled people.

The collection.. 


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