Beach Please

Beach Please

Marysia Swim halter bikini top
21,855 INR –

Swimsuit swimwear
835 INR –

Beach shoes
1,035 INR –

Soeur Du Maroc tote purse
9,970 INR –

Amrita Singh crystal jewelry
1,800 INR –

The Sak palm beach jewelry
1,350 INR –

Janessa Leone wide brim hat
16,085 INR –

Cat-eye glasses
830 INR –


Life’s A beach

Life's A beach

Two piece bathing suit
1,570 INR –

Lace kimono
705 INR –

Floral shoes
8,235 INR –

Amuse Society blue purse
3,605 INR –

Christian Dior blue jewelry
25,410 INR –

Banana Republic pineapple jewelry
1,095 INR –



Front Row Shop halter top
2,380 INR –

High waisted skirt
825 INR –

Miss KG white sandals
6,305 INR –

Cynthia Rowley fringe handbag
2,700 INR –

Alexis Bittar cuff bracelet
17,690 INR –

Casetify apple iphone case
2,575 INR –

Cateye sunglasses
635 INR –

Photostory: Saad Khan

Robert Adams believes “No place is boring If you’ve had a good night’s sleep and have a pocket full of unexposed film.” A quote which all passionate photographers live by. A photograph is a moment of time frozen to create a story. Our storyteller today is Photographer Saad Khan.

Saad has personified this very quote through his versatile exhibit containing a versatile array of beautifully framed photographs.

The first photo takes on a trip into the zombie apocalypse-ish landscape which scarily reflects our near future which could become our reality in the blink of an eye. The rate at which the resources are getting exhausted, barren lands may become the new ‘ scenery’ The photograph was taken on an empty road in Saudi Arabia, where even the fuel tank acts as a metaphoric warning to show that when the resources run out, so will our chance of redemption.

This is a man’s world they say, but what if you are a woman stuck in the body of a man? the answer is your entire world will be a living hell. The topic of Homosexuality has always been a taboo in a country like India where drastic measures are taken to “cure” and silence the victims of this “disease”. Saad has showcased the subtlety and purity behind the emotions of every transgender person struggling to establish their identity. The mirror reflects the true person the model is while the blurred background shows glimpses of the exact opposite. The photograph in its entirety showcases the beauty of Human Emotion

The future can be a scary place, one never knows how the next minute would turn out to be let alone the next day, month or year. Each day a million thoughts pass through our minds leaving its impression as wrinkles on our foreheads. The worries of the future, the troubles of the past and the problems of the present or just a simple daydream, the taxi driver captured here invokes curiosity in our minds about what’s running in his. The emotion is pure and the photograph has captured it perfectly.

The photographs below depict the story of one of the worst practices in our world – Child Marriage. Little girls are robbed of their childhood which gets destroyed when their over-aged husband passes away. She is treated worse than a leper, This photograph captured by Saad, shadows this very fate on this new bride will encounter in her future

In this fast paced world where the only religion is internet and the phone is your god, culture tends to die away. This photograph is a candid capture which showcases the perfect balance between work and worship. The western footwear have not overshadowed the emotion the ghungroo hold for the model and this is Saad’s  nod towards ethicality

This Wolverine inspired photograph conceptualised by Saad is, in my opinion, a metaphor for the light all of us carry within us, a light that empowers us to be a better human being every step of the way, be it in terms of bravery or courage or simply kindness, the light we hold inside deserves to shine.

The man behind the lens : Saad Khan

Check out more of Saad Khan’s work :

Photostory: Mohit P Raigandhi

“There is one thing the photograph must contain, the humanity of the moment,” said Robert Frank,

And this particular photograph captured by Mohit P Raigandhi does exactly that.

No matter how old we grow, however successful we become, our beliefs define us and keep us rooted to the person we truly are. Mohit captured this picture of his uncle during the festival of Diwali as a completely candid shot,

The photograph captures sincerity and respect towards God. Asking for his blessings in complete devotion evokes the realisation that there is no greater power than him. The photograph depicts the worry of prosperity in the future and showcases the vulnerability and anxiety we all face when it comes to thinking about our future. A true Human emotion.

Captured by Mohit P Raigandhi
The man behind the lens : Mohit P Raigandhi








Photostory: Rythwik Mahesh

“Photography is a way of feeling, of touching, of loving. What you have caught on film is captured forever… it remembers little things, long after you have forgotten everything.”- Aaron Siskind rightly said,

Emotions, Moments, Memories things which disappear in a split second but when captured stay in the mind forever. Photographer Rythwik Mahesh, a student of JD Institute of Fashion Technology as done exactly this. He has captured a bit of the past to remind us to stay rooted to our heritage, and a bit of the future, a glimpse that lets you experience the beautiful future waiting right around the corner.

The photograph captures the most beautiful emotion in a woman’s life – Motherhood. The young mother in the frame waits for her future, her child who will make her life a bit more beautiful. The mixture of anxiety, curiosity and sheer happiness.

Culture, Heritage, Traditions, the victims of Urbanisation. In today’s world filled with tech-savvy people, traditions and festivals die out. The colour, grandeur and festive mood are replaced by emoticons and forwards. In an attempt to revive the emotion behind festivals and emphasise the importance of conserving our heritage Rythwik has conceptualised these frames



The photograph depicts the festival – Theyyam, Celebrated in Kerala
The man behind the lens : Rhythwik Mahesh



Photostory: Deepak

As Greg Andersson says, “Focus on the journey, not the destination. Joy is found not in finishing an activity but in doing it.”

This quote reflects the universal journey all of us embark on some or the other point in life. We hesitate to take the first step, but when we do reach the destination, the journey becomes a memorable one.

The Photographer Deepak who started his photo journey from wedding photography, and ventured into fashion photography to simply test his limits believes that each photographer should be a story teller and each photograph should carry a story.

The first photograph talks about Life’s Journey. He has used the metro train as a metaphor to depict the movement of life from one era to another. The train represents a person who is moving towards the next dimension, in a speed as fast as they control, showing that life changes in the blink of an eye.



future origin2 frame.jpg
Photographer: Deepak 

A woman is as strong as she believes she can be. With this photograph, Deepak has tried to capture the emotion of the woman and believing that her future holds a better, stronger and bolder version of her, contrasting to the current look of vulnerability in her eyes. She is someone who is about to take control of her future and make a lasting impression on everyone who meets her gaze.


future origin frame.jpg
Photographer: Deepak




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